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Dreams Live for your next corporate event in Newcastle?
24 May

Are you in charge of your firm’s next corporate event in Newcastle?  If so, then we have an exciting new arrival that is sure to make your function go off with the wow factor.

Dreams Live is a spinning, pulsing, twisting daredevil of a ride, with the absolute fun element for all.  Here you can see a Dreams Live ride in action.

If you fancy making your next corporate event in Newcastle the talk of the town (and the company!) then you need to talk to us about Dreams Live and any of our other thrill-seeking (or more sedate!) rides and attractions

From children’s rides, bouncy castles and off-the-scale adrenalin-fuelled rides, we have the right one for your next event.  And, you can choose to come to us or look at our selection of rides available for transportation to your next event.

corporate event in newcastle

Dreams Live has the power to make your dreams for a corporate event in Newcastle a reality.

The minimum height to ride unaccompanied on Dreams Live is 1.4 metres.  People with conditions such as: Broken bones, back or neck problems, heart conditions, recent surgery, pregnancy or any other condition that may be affected by a ride such as this should therefore not ride Dreams Live.

Atmosfear has arrived – North East Corporate Events just got exciting!
24 May

We are super duper excited to let you know that the world of North East Corporate Events just got even more thrilling, spilling and exciting with the arrival of Atmosfear!!

north east corporate events

A ride that will have your adrenalin pumping with a feeling of weightlessness and forces up to 4.5G – making you feel like a jet fighter in flight. Atmosfear features 16 outward-facing spinning and looping seats and includes a 360 degree over the top action at 80 feet….do you dare ride the Atmosfear?

With a state-of-the-art sound system, theatrical artwork and dazzling lighting effects, this really is a ride to stand out from the crowd and get your north east corporate events function off with a real bang! Everyone will want to ride the Atmosfear (if they are brave enough!) and it will wow your crowds from near and far.

We are open to enquiries and bookings on using Atmosfear at your next corporate event or function, and we are available all across the North East. If you would like to hire Atmosfear as part of your next function, then you will need to take the following into consideration:

  • Do you have space of at least 53ft width x 44ft depth as this will be a health and safety requirement.
  • Atmosfear swings at a jaw-dropping height of 80 feet over the top of the ride. You must therefore make sure that you have sufficient height clearance and that there are no obstacles such as trees or overhanging cables.
  • With a ride this big, we obviously need access to manoeuvre a large lorry around the area, so this should be taken into consideration.

If you think you have your brave pants on and would like to feature our brand new and exciting ride at your next North East corporate events function, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to chat and share a cup of something delicious with you.

Riders will experience fast, disorienting and violent motion. Persons with the following conditions should therefore not ride AtmosFear: Broken bones, back or neck problems, heart conditions, recent surgery, pregnancy or any other condition that may be affected by a ride such as this.Persons of certain body shapes or sizes may not be able to fit into the passenger car seats. You must be at least 140 cm in height to ride.

16 Dec

We have seen great success this year with our drive-in cinema movie nights. From our final film of the year ,Grease, to a visit from Simba in the lion King, to a very tense ‘Duh, nuh…..duh, nuh’ screening of Jaws so close to the South Shields shore ooer!

scoop and beanBeing a spectator at one of our Drive-In movie nights was a piece of popcorn – all viewers had to do was slot their car into one of the allocated parking slots at Bents Park and then tune into the FM frequency provided to hear the movie. Simple but Genius!

We also had on-site kiosks serving food, drinks and snacks to add to the drive-in experience. Every movie was enjoyed and praised by all who came, with a real mix of ages attending each screening, showing the wonderful appeal of a night at the movies!  A real taste of the good old days came to South Shields and, with such great success in 2016, we can’t wait to get back to it in 2017 and set up some more screenings!

Now, here is a little bit of history for you too about drive-in movies. On 6th June 1933 the first ever drive-in movie cinema opened in Camden, New Jersey. The idea originated from Richard Hollingshead who had heard his mother complain time and time again about the struggle for comfort she faced when sitting in the traditional movie theatre seats. He then came up with the idea of an open air cinema where people could enjoy a good movie in the comfort of their own automobiles. After much experimenting, the drive-in cinema took off and had a run of success up until after World War 2 when they reached their peak.

However, in recent years the classic drive in cinemas have made a comeback and become a fun and inexpensive way for families, couples and friends to enjoy an evening of something different. This lead to the idea for our drive-in cinema.

Be sure to keep up to date with next year’s schedule for our Drive In Cinema through our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Don’t forget that you can also book our cinema for your next corporate event of course!